A Testimony To Great Ideas

This website began as an idea. Let’s collect a repository of great business ideas. Let’s discuss the presentational techniques of Steve Jobs, the leadership strategies of Jack Welch. I’ll be telling you about the latest ideas from prominent business keynote speakers, customer service speakers, and other thought leaders.

I’m going to begin with a book that set me on my journey; Guy Kawasaki‘s wonderful The Art of The Start.

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Let us heed the words of the lone man in the cave. On any quest, it’s dangerous to go alone. To walk blindly on a path, to throw ourselves wholeheartedly once more unto the breach with the notion of believing we can know nothing, to take that leap of faith…is foolish.

As in all things, starting a business venture is such a quest in which we must look before we leap, but this does not mean that we need toe best weapons and armor to slay the dragon at the end. On the contrary, we need merely a plan and a strategy to make the best use of our wooden sword and our leather shield with which we initially embark.

I was first introduced to Guy’s wonderful book by a motivational speaker, it’s truly groundbreaking. In “The Art of the Start”, Guy Kawasaki illustrates just this, with clear flair and a sagely understanding which can only come from one whom has taken this quest before, and who has returned, themselves, legendarily victorious.

In this innovative new look at small start-up ventures, Kawasaki illustrates how the keys to success do not rely on privilege nor wealth, but rather in reason and sheer willpower. Where other similar experts have written voluminous tomes outlining the strategies for acquisition of resources, clout and wealth as an initial step to starting a new venture, Guy pretty much dismisses all this as poppycock, and there’s no arguing with the fact that he is right.

Throughout this new age literary gem, he will illustrate through Zen philosophy and real world examples just what it takes to go from nothing to something. He will prove to you beyond any shadow of a doubt that it’s not a constant flow of money and favors from on high which will grow your seed of an idea into a forest of success, but rather your own ability to stay the course and think on your feet.

Every ideology, every science and concept has that defining work which helps to make it accessible to the people, and make it a viable and practical part of our lives. “The Art of the Start” is this new gospel for entrepreneurs the world around, and is sure to become one of the great works of nonfiction in this new millennium.

In our society, there is a saying, “crazy like a fox”. This denotes an outside way of thinking, against the norms that have been established rigidly by social and individual complacency, yet one which will destroy these walls and reshape the way the world views something. In the 20th century, we had such iconoclasts as Albert Einstein, Henry Ford and Bill Gates, all of whom changed how we viewed the universe, industry and technology forever.

In the 21st century, we have Guy Kawasaki, who will prove to all we mere mortals how becoming an entrepreneur can really work, and remove the mysticism big, oppressive businesses have strove so long to cloud our judgment with. This is a book that everyone should read – the people for its clear path to economic liberty and innovation, and corporate giants that they may see the writing on the wall for their dominance of humanity through obfuscation.